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Why CHIL Events?

Many teleconferencing platforms such as Zoom or Skype provide the opportunity for large or small groups to interact and meet online. However, they often lack the design, functionality, and customization that CHIL Events have to offer. What sets us apart is in our name. 

C is for Custom

With teleconferencing systems, you are confined to the look and feel that matches the branding of their system instead of your own. CHIL Events works with you to create a custom look that matches your wants and needs for your events. This creates a deeper sense of personalization or professionalism that is absent with teleconferencing platforms alone.  

This customization goes beyond color scheme and graphics, as we also allow you to determine which screens work best for you. While you're often limited to screens where you see everyone in the meeting or just the person currently speaking in teleconferencing systems, CHIL Events allows you to break that barrier. For example, if you are planning an interview segment or a round table with CHIL Events it's possible to ensure that everyone sees all speakers at the same time on a single screen. 

H is for Hosted

Whether you provide your own host or ask us to provide one for you, with us your events will remain organized. The hosted component ensures your audience is not lost when you contain multiple segments in your event. With our screen customization, we are able to produce smooth and beautiful handoffs from host to presenter that will make your virtual event feel in person. Whether you include the hosted component in your event or not is up to you. 

I is for Interactive

Allowing for audience interaction is a huge component of CHIL Events. A typical teleconferencing call might allow audience members to ask questions but given the size of the audience, it might be difficult to really see or know who is asking the question. Our team will ask your audience via a chat feature before your Q&A segment begins if anyone has a question and queue them up. When it is there turn to ask a question they will appear on screen next to the presenter. This allows everyone to see who is asking the question and ensure no one speaks over each other. 

L is for Live

 Perhaps you can live-stream your own teleconference but CHIL Events can take that off your hands. You can expand your audience to those who can't access your teleconference call but still want to listen and watch. Whether your event is live-streamed or not is entirely up to you. 

CHIL Events will enhance your virtual event and take it to the next level. Contact Us today to get your free quote!